Welcome To Gale’s Kingdom Art!

Welcome to my blog! So glad you’ve joined me in my adventure in Kingdom Art!

I want to share with you my most recent all-consuming but very rewarding two-year project I’ve just completed. It’s a children’s book, titled Alex’s Amazing Kingdom Adventure, written and illustrated by me! The book has 21original chalk pastel illustrations. The story is written for children, ages 5-12 (pre-teens), although it’s for everyone with a child’s heart! It is now available on Amazon.

The idea for the book evolved through a series of events and took two years to complete. We tell more about how we created the book in “Creating A Children’s Book” on our website, if you’re interested.

In the right-hand column of this page you’ll see pictures of the real Alex, my nephew. He was my inspiration for the story, and even posed for several of the illustrations! Now that it’s completed, he’s given it a two “thumbs up”! Thanks, Alex!

I’m also happy to announce that there are now 7 illustrations from the book available as prints in various sizes and types, as well as in other products! You can view them in the the slide show to your right. They can also be viewed and ordered directly from Fine Art America.


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